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BNSF Intermodal Expansion

Memphis, TN White Construction & Associates, Inc. spent several years working with Hanson Wilson, Inc. and the BNSF Railway to expand the BNSF Intermodal Facility in Memphis, TN. This project involved construction of the necessary infrastructure needed to expand the existing facility. This project included clearing & grubbing, earthwork, re-channelization of existing drainage basins, base and paving, storm drainage, relocation of sanitary sewer, new duct bank for communication lines and electrical lines. The expanded facility features six 7,500-foot intermodal tracks for loading/unloading goods. Five loading cranes load and unload rail cargo, and three stacking cranes, approximately nine-stories-tall, manage container stacking on the ground. The loading cranes add to the facility’s efficiency with the ability to operate over three truck drive aisles and six intermodal tracks. Additionally, the cranes run on electricity rather than diesel fuel, providing environ mental benefits