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Quail Haven Lake

Telephone, TX

Quail Haven Lake was originally design and built in 1973.  This is a 60 acre lake with approximately 1600 linear feet of levee system that has a maximum height of approximately 25 ft.  White Construction & Associates, Inc., along with our friends at Bill Dance Signature Lakes, were contracted to investigate the lake to address a seepage issue the lake has had since it was originally constructed, develop fish habitat and a fisheries program that would enable the owners to maximize their fishing experience by producing trophy bass with a healthy balance of forage fish to produce maximum growth once the lake was restocked. 

We found several issues in the existing levee system where seepage was occurring.  We developed a design and solution to construct a new keyway adjacent to the existing levee and rebuild a secondary levee to reinforce the existing one.  This project had many challenges due to the existing soil conditions having a high sand content with minimal clay.  In addition to the existing soils being less than desirable, the Levee had organic debris, trees, and saturated soils from years of seepage.  Our staff was able to locate suitable soils on site that could be treated and meet the plasticity index requirements necessary to minimize seepage within acceptable limits. 

Bill Dance Signature Lakes restocked the lake with Florida Strain Bass and a healthy population of forage fish to help produce the trophy fish our clients wanted.  We were happy to remediate this levee system and provide the owners with an amenity that would increase the value of their recreational property and they will be able to enjoy it for years to come.