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Wolf River Interceptor

This project was an $8.5 Million Dollar Project that we completed for the City of Memphis. The project included installing approximately 5 miles of 72” RCP with Poly lining along the Wolf River Drainage Basin. There where many difficult obstacles to over come while performing this project. The Proposed Depth was approximately 18 ft deep across unstable bottom ground and water bearing sand. The entire operation was performed off of mats and included installation of well points and deep wells to pump over 3 million gallons of water per day. Each Joint of Pipe weighed 23,500 lbs and had to be laid at a 1% grade with zero tolerance.

This project took approximately 2 years to complete and became known as one of the toughest sewer installation projects ever performed in the Memphis region. It took a massive effort of creative engineering design and hard work to make this project a success.